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Boobook Bar West Perth

Boobook Bottles and Bar Case Study

Through the annual BIG Program, iconic West Perth liquor store Gangemi’s Fine Wines & Food transformed into the all-new Boobook Bottles and Bar - a boutique bottle shop and bar, serving Mediterranean delights.

This historically significant West Perth site is now an important part of the re-emerging night-time entertainment hub for after-work patrons, local residents and visitors. By day, Boobook Bottles and Bar has also combined its boutique bottle shop with a sublet coffee window, maximising use of the space.
Owners Edward Johnson and Tobias Goyder-Ewan, successfully applied for the Business Improvement Grants program in 2021 and 2022 were awarded close to $30,000 towards the refurbishment of their business.  

With the co-funding assistance, Edward and Tobias could upgrade shop front lighting and install a mural for the exterior of the premises, improving the local streetscape. 

Internal refurbishments, such as the construction of amenities and access for people with disabilities, were also installed.

According to Mr Johnson, the grants have been invaluable to the refurbishment and relaunching of their unique business.

“Having owned businesses in the City of Perth for more than ten years, I can truly say the Business Improvement Grants are a great initiative,” he said. 

“The two grants that Boobook received from the City of Perth have helped to highlight the location of our business and contribute towards the service and experience we offer our customers.”



Key points

  • The City of Perth’s Business Improvement Grant [BIG] Program is designed to support local businesses in their growth and contribute to the vibrancy, energy and amenity of the City.
  • Boobook Bottles and Bar [formally Gangemi’s Fine Wines and Food] has received close to $30,000 in Business Improvement Grants in 2021 and 2022, which has contributed towards shopfront lighting upgrades and co-funding of a mural and base works for a major refurbishment.
  • The extended hours of the business contributes to the West Perth night-time economy, as well as providing an additional daytime trade offering by sub-letting a coffee window.
  • The addition of Boobook had now added to the night-time entertainment hub in Hay and Outram Streets, joining several other outlets operating in the precinct.