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Queens Gardens Wedding

Weddings in the City

The city offers wonderful options for ceremony, reception and wedding photography locations. We know it takes time to find your perfect space and weigh up your options. You can find details about the processes involved and things to consider below.

The City of Perth has six beautiful gardens and reserves designated as an ideal location for a wedding ceremony — Harold Boas, Queens Gardens, Council House Gardens, Stirling Gardens, John Oldham Park and Point Fraser Reserve. Other parks and reserves may be used as a wedding ceremony subject to approval, however any major events or public works take priority over wedding ceremonies at these locations.

All City of Perth wedding venues are LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Queens Gardens

Queens Gardens

Queens Gardens is a stunning urban oasis right in the heart of East Perth, adjacent to the WACA Stadium.

The gardens are beautiful, peaceful and spacious and include the very popular and picturesque open rotunda gazebo, sprawling manicured lawns, extensive water lily-filled lakes and a large variety of mature trees and shrubs. Queens gardens is suitable for weddings of all sizes, with plenty of open space choose from. The gardens have two areas set aside for wedding ceremonies.

Harold Boas Gardens

Harold Boas Gardens

Harold Boas Gardens are hidden away in the inner suburbs on Wellington Street in West Perth.

Designed and maintained as an idyllic fantasy land these secluded and enchanting gardens are tranquil and intimate. The gardens boast mature trees, generous grassed areas, a babbling brook with rock cascade waterfall, a quant bridge and much more. The gardens are a popular location for wedding parties all year round, with four areas set aside for wedding ceremonies.

John Oldham Park

John Oldham Park

John Oldham Park is located off Mounts Bay Road, as part of the Narrows Interchange Parkland.

The park boasts beautiful views over the Swan River and the Perth CBD. The lush garden areas, waterfall and small foot bridge create a relaxing, intimate feel. The beautiful waterfall and bridge are perfect for wedding photos whilst the large grassed open spaces are perfect for your wedding ceremony.

Council House Gardens

The Council House Gardens form an area to the rear of Council House, next to Stirling Gardens.

This unique garden features a historic Morton Bay Fig Tree and semi-circular, multi-tiered lush grassed areas. The gardens also boast views of Government House Gardens, the beautiful Supreme Court Building and the Stirling Gardens. We recommend Council House Gardens for intimate wedding ceremonies or wedding photographs.

Point Fraser

Point Fraser

The Point Fraser Reserve area extends from the Causeway to Plain St. The original Nyungar name for the site is Boodjargabbeelup, meaning "the place of river, water and the land".

The Reserve is a beautiful innovative urban wetland with native couch grass lining the riverbanks. The wetland lake is known for the beautiful Black Swans and Mallards that inhabit it. With multiple grassed areas, pathways and boardwalks, these gardens are ideal for wedding ceremonies and photographs.

Town Hall


This beautifully restored heritage venue hosts wedding receptions and ceremonies in grand style in the heart of Perth’s CBD.

Book your ceremony at a City of Perth park or garden and your reception at the Town Hall, and if inclement weather strikes, use the Town Hall for your ceremony free of charge (conditions apply).


  • Do I need to get a permit (licence) to have a wedding ceremony or wedding photographs in the park?
    To book a park you must obtain a Wedding Location Licence from the City of Perth which gives priority to the hirer to use the specified area of parkland for the day and time booked. This licence allows wedding ceremony and/or wedding photography within the park.  

    When booking remember to allow time for set up and pack down as our parks are very popular and another wedding could be booked directly before or after your wedding.
  • What structures, seating arrangements or decorative items are permitted? 
    Chairs are welcomed in the parks and gardens for wedding ceremonies, however wide base chairs legs are required. Please note, an arbour/arch, small marquee and/or umbrella can be approved as a special condition on the Wedding Location Licence (max size 3mx3m). 

    A ‘Red’ Carpet is permitted. The City requests the carpet is removed promptly once the ceremony is over to avoid any damage to the lawn. 
  • Are we allowed to drink alcohol at the wedding?
    The City has no objections to the consumption of one small glass of alcohol as a toast of the wedding, however, the use of glassware is not permitted.  It is the hirers responsibility for the behaviour and wellbeing of all patrons at the wedding. Please ensure all rubbish and containers are cleaned up before you leave.

    The selling of alcohol is not permitted. All laws concerning the consumption of alcohol must be observed.
  • Can I throw confetti or rice?
    The City recommends the use of bubbles as an alternative; however, no residue is to remain on concrete pathways, stepped access, or other thoroughfare to reduce potential slip-hazards.
  • Terms and Conditions of Use
    1. No person shall use the park or public reserve for the purpose of a wedding ceremony and or wedding photographs, without obtaining a valid permit from the City. 

    2. The amount of the hire charge must be paid in full prior to the date of use. 

    3. No person shall destroy, damage or interfere with any tree, tree guard, shrub, flower, plant, fence, building, seat, water pipe, hose, hose fitting, soil, grass surface or other property owned or vested in the municipality of the City in any park or public reserve. 

    4. No person, unless authorised on behalf of the City shall lead, ride or drive any horse, cattle, bicycle, tricycle or vehicle upon or over any portion of any park or public reserve, except upon a carriage way or an area set aside for the purpose of parking. 

    5. No person, unless authorised on behalf of the City, shall drive any vehicle upon any park or public reserve, except on a carriage way or part of such a park or reserve set aside for this purpose. 

    6. No person shall light any fire within the park or public reserve except in an area set aside for the purpose. 

    7. No person shall wilfully obstruct or disturb the enjoyment of other users within the park or recreation reserve, or wilfully obstruct the City’s authorised Security Officers in the execution of his/her normal duties or neglect to obey the lawful directions of any authorised officer of the City. 

    8. No person shall fail to comply with the provisions of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997. A breach of the Environmental Protection Act may result in a Noise Abatement Direction being served. Non-compliance with a Noise Abatement Direction is evidence of an offence, maximum penalty $5,000.00. 

    9. No person shall take into the park or public reserve alcoholic beverages for consumption, unless prior approval has been given by The City of Perth. 

    10. No person shall erect or place on any park or public reserve any marquee, market umbrella, shade structure or platform, unless authorised by City of Perth. 

    11. No person shall deposit rubbish or litter within a park or public reserve other than in a bin or rubbish collection area set aside for that purpose. Any decorations are to be removed by the hirer and disposed of responsibly.