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Perth childrens hospital

Health and Medical Life Sciences

The Health and Medical Life Sciences sector in Western Australia is dynamic and rapidly growing, incorporating a highly skilled workforce, world-class medical and research infrastructure and numerous highly regarded medical research institutions.

The medtech, biotech and pharmaceuticals industries have the potential to generate 28,000 jobs and 200 new companies nationally by 2025.
Source: WA Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Strategy (October 2021)

Western Australia’s universities, hospitals, research institutes and other life science organisations have facilities and infrastructure located throughout the Perth metropolitan area. In the City of Perth, these are located specifically within the following two corridors:

Perth Central Business District

The Perth Central Business District encompassing the Perth CBD, West Perth and Subiaco. This region includes organisations and infrastructure that specialise in Medical Research and Education (University Clusters and Innovation Spaces) and Healthcare Services.

Western Corridor

The Western Corridor encompasses the suburb of Crawley as part of the City of Perth (and also Nedlands and surrounds that lie outside of the City boundary), with specialist organisations and infrastructure in Medical Research and Education (University Cluster and Innovation Spaces), Healthcare Services, Life Science Hubs and Peak Bodies, Training in Healthcare Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Australia’s rapidly growing life sciences sector is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere, valued at more than $250 billion and home to more than 2,600 organisations.
Source: AusTrade’s Global Australia (as at June 2023)

The Western Australian State Government has signaled its commitment to the sector by launching the inaugural Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Strategy and Prospectus reports, which highlight avenues for supporting the development of key areas such as digital health, medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and health and wellness sectors.

To assist in the development of the health and medical life sciences ecosystem in Perth, several organizations provide valuable services:

For more detailed information on the existing health and medical life sciences infrastructure, operating facilities and future strategies pertaining to Perth, please refer to the useful links and important documents sections.


Thousands of the world’s brightest minds are set to gather in Perth in 2024, when the International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases returns to Perth.

Perth’s health and medical life science ecosystem is thriving, with Western Australia home to about 244 health and medical life sciences organisations that employ a talent pool of almost 24,000 people.
Source: Invest & Trade WA (as at June 2023)
Perth is a key strategic health and life sciences sector jurisdiction due to the City’s close proximity to Asian markets, mutual time zone with more than half the world’s population, and for its strong track record of exporting medical products across a well-connected global supply chain.
Source: WA Health and Medical Sciences Prospectus – WA a centre for health and medical solutions (October 2022))