The community has been actively engaged in the development of the Masterplan since 2016, and this feedback helped to shape the final version of the project. 

Chair Commissioner Eric Lumsden said community consultation was integral to creating a clear Masterplan with positive outcomes for all.

“Feedback during the Draft Masterplan process has indicated a high level of support for the changes, with the community eager for the project to commence,” Mr Lumsden said.

“The community consultation undertaken throughout this project has been some of the most thorough in the City’s history, and I am proud of the work undertaken by the Administration.

“The plan will ensure that Wellington Square transitions from a large field into a contemporary city park that can be enjoyed by the whole community.”

An acknowledgement and celebration of Aboriginal culture and heritage was identified as a key element of the enhancement, and ways to address this were put forward by the community.

These include dual naming, a reflective space for people of the Stolen Generation, and the preservation of historic Aboriginal meeting places. 

Other facilities include a formal sports area, intergenerational playground, a pedestrian priority zone on Wittenoom Street and lighting upgrades.

The first stage of onsite work is scheduled to begin in early 2019.

Issued by Haydn Kruger, Media Advisor, 0427832942,