We have compiled a list of tips your business can start using to find new customers.

Finding Your Ideal Customer, And Advertising Towards Them

It might seem obvious, but you cannot just sit back and wait for customers to come to you, instead, you must be proactive in seeking out your customers. Before you start, you should create a persona of your ideal customer and their demographic. Determine their behaviour, pain points, decision making, and where you can reach them. This should then guide your marketing efforts to find the most ideal, cost-effective method of advertising towards them.


Networking is a great way to build relationships with customers and generate leads for your business. This can start as simple as asking your family and friends if they know anyone that could benefit from your products or services, to attending organised business events. It would be wise to join your local Chamber of Commerce and attending the events they hold. Utilising personal connections and creating new ones can be invaluable in winning new customers, as people typically prefer to buy from people they know.


Having your customers refer your business to their family and friends is inexpensive and far more effective than any other marketing method. Whilst some customers may naturally rave about your business to their family and friends, others might need that extra push. It would be wise to implement a referral generating process into your business to remind busy customers that you would benefit from their help. This could entail emailing regular customers to ask for referrals, or even offering incentives such as a finder’s fee or discount for every new customer they find that results in a sale.

Collaborate With Other Businesses

Collaborating with compatible businesses can be a great way for both parties to reduce their marketing costs by pooling their resources. This is most effective when choosing a business that offers different products and services but has the same target market. Collaboration allows your business to have access to the other business’ customers and can be an excellent way to generate referrals. A common trend is offering free ad placement on your website for the other business if they return the favour. Consider cold-calling businesses that would be a good fit, or utilising existing connections to create a partnership.

Offer Incentives

Offering freebies and incentives can be a great way of facilitating sales from existing and new customers alike. These promotions help set your business apart from competitors and can cause customers to view your business favourably. This could involve free samples, free gift with purchase, or branded materials. If a potential customer is on the fence about purchasing, it may also be worth notifying them of an upcoming sale or emailing them a discount code to facilitate a sale. These types of incentives not only draw new customers to your business, but it may also facilitate existing customers to start referring your business to others.

Follow Up

Making sure you follow up on your marketing efforts is essential in winning new customers. A customer may say no on your first point of contact; however, they may be interested in your products or services in the future. If they do not have any need for your offerings now, but you believe they could be interested in the future, ask them if you can call again in 6 months’ time. Set up a system of when you will reach out again and stick to it. By following up with customers, you are reminding them of your business and showing that you care about their patronship. It is far easier to get back in touch with these potential customers than trying to chase even more.