Commissioners last night adopted the new Strategic Community Plan which outlines future aspirations for the City of Perth.

Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said the document clarifies the City’s objectives and priorities for the next ten years.

“The Strategic Community Plan presents six focus areas for the City; People, place, planet, prosperity, performance and partnership,” Chair Commissioner Hammond said.

“This plan is comprehensive, considers community aspirations and economic, environment and residential statistics.

“Community feedback indicated some of what we already knew regarding the unique lifestyle we experience in Perth, and many of the positive aspects of living in this great City.

“The community also made clear that Perth should not only be a city with an attractive way of life, but one that has a distinctiveness that people can confidently promote.

“This document outlines how the City will address future societal challenges, such as the development of thriving neighbourhoods, a diverse cultural identity, safety and strategic economic growth. 

“To help achieve this, we have set accelerated density aspirations of 90,000 people by 2050 from our current base of just 29,627.”

The plan also addresses trends and challenges the City may face over the next decade including climate change, the economy, the ageing population and technological advances.

“It is important that we not only align our practices with community expectations, but also address factors outside our influence, capitalise on these opportunities and mitigate risk.”

Read the full Strategic Community Plan.