Chair Commissioner, Andrew Hammond, said the budget is financially responsible as the City can continue to invest in major projects and ensure services are maintained; despite a reduction in operating revenue. 

“The City’s 2020/21 budget represents a $305.3 million investment in Perth city. The budget includes $63.6 million in major capital projects including, but not limited to, Wellington Square and the East End. 

“We are also spending $137.39 million for the delivery of core services to the community, which includes services such as street cleaning, city amenity, waste collection, the City of Perth Library and other essential community services,” said Commissioner Hammond. 

The 2020/21 budget balances the changing needs of the community, while considering the $15 million impact to the City’s revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Focusing on a strong return to economic performance following the fallout of COVID-19, the City will invest a total of $20 million through its COVID-19 Economic Rebound Strategy, including for marketing, activations, cleaning and homelessness,” Commissioner Hammond added. 

In addition, the City has committed to a 0% increase in rates yield and no increase to other fees and charges. 

“Whilst there is no increase to our total rates yield, the new Gross Rental Values to be applied in 2020/21 have varied significantly from the valuations used to calculate property rates in 2019/20, meaning some ratepayers will experience an increase in rates while others will experience a decrease.”

“The 2020/21 budget reflects a balanced and sustainable response to the challenging economic climate in which it was developed. This, coupled with a reduction in staff costs by $9 million, ensures the City’s financial position is sustainable in the long-term,” added Commissioner Hammond.

Issued by: Bobbie Walton, Senior Media and Communications Advisor, 0447 109 043,