Chair of Commissioners Mr Eric Lumsden said the new system will reduce the costs of groundwater filtration for the City, and provide more sustainable irrigation.
“This new system will see the maintenance costs of groundwater filtration drop by almost 90% per annum, with the replacement cost of the system expected to be recouped within five years,” Mr Lumsden said.
“The adoption of the new system will also improve safety outcomes for City workers as its operation will no longer use chemicals, and will provide significant environmental benefits.
“We will also see reduced maintenance costs of City assets, as the upgraded filtration process minimises iron levels in the irrigated water, and significantly reduces staining.
“This is a clear example of the City’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the responsible investment of ratepayer’s money, with the new system expected to save $1.7 million over a 15 year period.”
The new filtration system has the capacity to filter up to 500,000kL of groundwater on an annual basis, providing irrigation to parks across the CBD.
Filtered groundwater currently flows into Lake Vasto adjacent to Riverside Drive, delivering a high level of public amenity and functioning as a wetland habitat and an irrigation water reservoir.
Issued by: Haydn Kruger, Media Advisor, 0427 832 942,