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Petition to Council or a Committee submission

A petition is a request for action. Any elector or group of electors may petition the council to take action. However, the subject of a petition must be a matter on which the council has the power to act. An elector is a person who owns or occupies rateable property within the City of Perth and is eligible to vote in local and state elections.

Key Details

Eligibility requirements

The City imposes requirements on the petition form and content, which are outlined in the City of Perth Standing Orders Local Law 2009.

The petition must:

  • As far as practicable be prepared in the form prescribed by the City below.
  • Be addressed to the council.
  • Be respectful and temperate in its language.
  • Set out a concise statement of facts and the action sought.
  • State the name, address and signature of all electors making the request, including date of signature.
  • Set out the name and address of the petition initiator.


Need more help?

If you have any further questions please contact: 9461 3333 or email: