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Deputation Request Submission

Thank you for submitting deputation request.

Governance will contact you to advise the outcome of your deputation request submission.

If you have any questions, please contact governance on (08) 94613250.

Deputation Guidelines

Requests for deputations are to be made in accordance the following guidelines:

1. Applications for deputations wishing to be received by Council or Committee must apply by 12 noon on the day of the meeting.

2. The Presiding Member has the right to decline the request.

3. Deputations must be in relation to an item on the Council or Committee Meeting Agenda.

4. Applicants invited to present a deputation to a meeting:

(a) must not exceed 5 persons, only 2 of whom may address the meeting, although others may respond to specific questions from the Council and Committee members; and

(b) must not address the meeting for a period exceeding 10 minutes without the agreement of the meeting.

5. For the purpose of determining who may address Council or Committee on an issue, all those people either in favour of or opposed to an item are deemed to comprise a single deputation.

6. Council or Committee members will be granted the opportunity to ask the applicant(s) questions at the conclusion of the deputation.

7. A matter which is the subject of a deputation to Council or Committee is not to be decided until the applicant has completed the deputation.

8. Once the deputation has concluded, the applicant will be requested to sit in the public gallery and will not be permitted to speak again.