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Marches and rallies in the City

The Marches and rallies notification form is for anyone wanting to hold a public assembly; such as a rally, demonstration or protest, in the public realm.

The City does not issue permits for public assemblies. However, we encourage you to notify us so that we can plan for potential impacts to other activities and notify affected properties and services in the area.

You will need to seek approval from the Western Australian Police Force (WAPOL) in accordance with Section 7 of the Public Order in Streets Act 1984. The Public Meeting and/or Procession Form can be downloaded at Events and road closures | Western Australia Police Force This document will need to be lodged with the nearest local police station, Perth District Police Station, 2 Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge. 

If your activity takes place in or passes through the following privately managed public spaces, we encourage you to notify them directly and discuss any requirements they may have.

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