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Projections in Northbridge



Our entertainment capital, Northbridge attracts people from across Perth and beyond, drawn to lively and gritty nightlife, diverse food scene, independent retailers and creatives. The hub of a pulsing culture and arts scene, there is a true sense of inner-city community.

What we’ve heard:

Neighbourhood priorities

  • Strengthen the neighbourhood’s arts and cultural identity – share stories and support diversity.
  • Enhance public places, amenity and streetscapes through greening and planting.
  • Strengthen cultural and social outreach.
  • Explore alternative community safety strategies beyond policing and CCTV.
  • Activate and re-purpose City-owned assets.
  • Explore future community recreation facilities and amenities.

Visit Northbridge Common Community Group

Neighbourhood Commitments 2022/23

Streetscape Enhancement | James Street & Francis Street Refresh (Liveable & Sustainable)

Work to refresh James and Francis Streets with murals, new street furniture and new plantings. Projects will be scoped in FY22 with work commencing in FY23.

Enlivening Laneways with Vibrant Murals (Liveable)

The City is working to identify laneways for public art mural opportunities with the aim to increase vibrancy, enhance community safety and deter vandalism.

Making Northbridge Lighter and Brighter (Liveable)

LED light replacements will be undertaken on Francis Street between Lake Street, William Street and on Francis Street between Lake and Beaufort Streets.