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Victoria Gardens Foreshore



A vibrant residential neighbourhood, with unique architecture optimising its river setting. Claisebrook Cove draws in the Swan River, with cafes and the nearby Royal Street activity centre providing residents and visitors with a range of retail and entertainment. Sought-after community, educational and open space facilities meet growing, diverse community needs.

What we’ve heard:

Neighbourhood priorities

  • Brightening up the neighbourhood with feature lighting, making key public places and connections feel safe and comfortable for locals and visitors. Key areas include Victoria Gardens to Matagarup Bridge and Windan Bridge.
  • A focus on improving Claisebrook Cove Jetty, infrastructure and water quality.
  • Continue to work with neighbourhood groups, residents and stakeholders to support activation, events and business vitality.

Visit the East Perth Community Group

Neighbourhood Commitments 2022/23

Making Claisebrook lighter and brighter (Liveable)

Upgrades to existing lighting will be delivered around Claisebrook Cove and streets including Bunbury Crescent, Jewell Lane, Victory Terrace, Tully Road and Stokes Lane. Lighting upgrades to Royal Street (Stage 2) will also be delivered, improving night time amenities. 

Path Renewal Henry Lawson walk

Path improvements for tree root damage down Henry Lawson walk.

Infrastructure renewal at Claisebrook Cove South (Liveable)

Upgrading bollards, LED light fittings is the focus of this package of works for the upgrades at Mardalup.