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Parks, Gardens and Reserves Hire

City of Perth offers a variety of parks and gardens suitable for social gatherings, most events, and functions from small community events and corporate functions, to festivals and concerts.

Bookings are necessary if you wish to hold an event or organised sporting activity in one of the City’s parks or gardens, a full list can be found below. Available facilities vary between locations, use our filter system or interactive map to compare parks.

To book one of the City's parks, contact us for availability and then complete an online event application form and carefully select a space that suits your requirements.

Go to the Online Event Form.

Check out the Event Fees & Charges.


Key Details

Service TypeEvent bookings
What you needCall the Activity Approvals team on (08) 9461 3333 to confirm available dates and booking options.

Submit an online application for your event or activity to the Activity Approvals team.
Eligibility requirements

Events in parks and gardens are managed and subject to approval by City of Perth.

FeesRefer to fees and charges.

The following information should help answer any initial queries about applying for an event permit, please also refer to the events, forms and templates for helpful resources and tools.

  • Parks and gardens hire approval process

    After your application is submitted it will be assessed by the Activity Approvals team. 

    If your initial application is approved, a step by step process will be sent to you, outlining the required documentation and time frames for you to receive your Event Permit.

    The team will work alongside you and with other units at the City, such as: Building Services, Environmental Health, Parks, Waste and Cleaning, Transport and Parking.

    The team will also assist in maintaining communication with key stakeholders: such as WA Police Force, Main Roads WA and the Public Transport Authority.


  • Why do I need to apply for an Event Permit

    An event permit ensures that the event is held in accordance with the City’s Local Laws and State Legislation.

    Once you've applied for your application you will also have full support from the Activity Approvals team.

    They will guide you through the application process to ensure you run a safe and successful event.

  • What is the difference between a social gathering and an event

    Social gathering refers to an activity that does not require an event permit, due to the low impact of the activity.

    The general rule for social gatherings is; expected attendance of under 50 people, infrastructure under 20sqm and no external food or drink supply. If you believe your event falls under the social gathering activity you can fill out the Social Gathering Form on this page.

  • Approval time frame

    If your event is to be held on a reserve or city park, it is advisable to secure a booking of your preferred location at the earliest opportunity. 

    Approval of events and assessment of documentation takes time, the below guide is an approximate timeline the applicant can use for when it comes time to submit an application:

    • Low impact events: two weeks before event commencement.
    • Medium impact events: three months before event commencement.
    • High impact events: six months before event commencement.
    • Major impact events: six to twelve months before event commencement.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What other activities in the city will require a permit?

    The City also issues permits for activities such as: flyer distribution, marches and rallies, obstruction permits, public trading and drone and filming permits.

    Where can I find out more information about holding an event within the City?

    Please refer to the Event Planning Guide for all information on planning and holding an event within the City of Perth. You can also use this page to navigate your way to specific bookable spaces within the CBD.

    Where can I find out about the fees and charges to hire an event site?

    Please see the City's event fees and charges.

    High and major impact events will be required to pay 10% instalments of the total reserve hire fee cost. These fees are non-refundable.

    How much area of the reserve can I use for my event?

    When submitting an application, you will be required to nominate your preferred event location and supply a site map. The assigned Activity Approvals officer will review your application and assist you in securing the best location within the reserve for your event activities.

    Can I access the reserve by vehicle to bump-in and bump-out my event?

    Yes, however not all reserves are accessible by vehicle, those that are have specific entry and exit points and conditions for vehicle access. Refer to the venue map under the park or reserve you are hiring for access points. If you require vehicle access to a reserve, you will be required to complete a vehicle access form and schedule, detailing vehicles requiring access and times of access.

    Is there accessible power within the reserves?

    Some of the City's parks and reserves have power access.You will need to apply for an event permit to use the power at the reserve.

    Are there accessible water points within the reserves?

    Some of the City’s parks and reserves offer accessible water points. You will need to apply for an event permit to use the water at the reserve.

    Are there any other available venues or spaces for hire within the City?

    The City invites new and innovative ideas on spaces that may be suitably activated for an event. To discuss your ideas, please contact our Activity Approvals team on (08) 9461 3333 or email

Need more help?

If you have any further questions please contact the Activity Approvals team on (08) 9461 3333 or