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Access and Inclusion Advisory Group

Access and Inclusion Advisory Group (AIAG)

The City’s Access and Inclusion Advisory Group (AIAG) has been providing advice to the City of Perth (City) on accessibility and inclusion since 1998, including the City of Perth Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Perth Parking Policy and the Community Safety Plan. This includes plans and strategies, such as the City of Perth’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Australia Day Skyworks, and Fringe Festival.

The Access and Inclusion Advisory Group (AIAG) consists of residents and regular visitors to the City of Perth who are passionate about universal access. The group acts as an advisory body on City of Perth access initiatives and issues affecting access for people with disability.

In addition, the group has been responsible for providing City of Perth staff and private developers access advice in relation to inner city projects, particularly at the planning and design stage for new developments.

Whilst the group is only advisory in nature, its value has been in informing the design process which will ultimately lead to better development outcomes for the whole community.

Please note the group is not designed to provide technical advice. The skills of an Accredited Access Consultant may be required depending on the nature of the project, please ensure budget for consultancy is considered during your projects at the planning stage.

  • Terms of Reference

    The Terms of Reference for the Access and Inclusion Advisory Group may assist to provide further background information on the objectives and purpose of the group.

    Please read this document before planning your presentation. 

    AIAG Terms of Reference

  • Meet the AIAG Members

    Ben Cox

    Ben is passionate about event planning which led him to establish an event called Ability Idol – a singing competition for people living with disability. In 2016, with support of City of Melville and a volunteer committee, Ben pulled off an extraordinary event. It was through the volunteer committee that Ben met the CEO of Cahoots, and was offered a part-time position as Community Engagement Officer.  Ben works on several Cahoots’ community inclusion projects, and represents Cahoots on access and inclusion working groups such as City of Perth’s. Now coordinated by Cahoots, Ability Idol is Ben’s major yearly project. In 2017, it evolved to become an all-inclusive singing competition for children aged 5-17 years living in WA. 

    Ben and Cahoots managed to establish a partnership with Town of Victoria Park, and scheduled Ability Idol 2017 to be held alongside the Town’s major Music By Moonlight event.

    Nobuo Hara 

    Nobuo is a young man who is living with a hearing impairment. Nobuo moved to Australia from Japan over 7 years ago and now works for the WA Deaf Society. Having experience of living with a disability, he is interested in sharing ideas that ensure that the City of Perth is accessible and equitable to everyone. Nobuo is a volunteer for the Auslan Professional Network and also advocates via the Perth Stadium and New Museum access groups. 

    David Vosnacos 

    David is passionate about working with people and organisations in identifying the impacts of barriers in the physical and digital environment for people with disability and working to eliminate these. David represents VisAbility where he works as an Occupational Therapist and Accessibility Specialist. He has over 20 years’ experience providing his expertise in assistive technology and all things access related especially as they relate to people living with a vision impairment. David also contributes to several Access and Inclusion working groups around WA including the Public Transport Authority, Perth Airport and other City Councils such Wanneroo, Victoria Park, Belmont, Melville and Armadale.

    Melissa Northcott

    Melissa has physical and sensory disability. She is passionate and keen to have a voice for all, representing the whole community including older people and disability to ensure that Perth is an accessible, inclusive city for all who live, work and visit Perth. Melissa is a Board Director with Ability Centre, Elected member with a metropolitan local government, advocates on a number of other committees and is a disability and project advisor to PATCHES therapy services and NAJA Business Consulting Services. She was a member of Co-Design for State Disability Strategy and board member with Disability Services Commission. Melissa was recognised for her work with disability as a Western Australian of the Year Finalist 2017.

    Glennys Marsdon

    Glennys is delighted to be part of the Access and Inclusion Advisory Group. Glennys is an immensely proud City of Perth resident, with a passion for helping people (particularly people with disability and older people) get out and about to make the most of their lives. 

    Glennys has lived with a disability for over 20 years and moved to East Perth three years ago where she also runs a business. Glennys has experience in past and present advisory positions on the Consumer Protection Advisory Council, the Carers Advisory Council and the Board of MSWA. Glennys has professional experience in the areas of consumer psychology, marketing and freelance writing. Glennys navigates around the city using her adult tricycle which has given her the freedom to explore and gain a greater appreciation for all that is available.

    Gareth Goodway

    Gareth is passionate about Inclusion and Access. He sits on various local government Access and Inclusion Committees and he is currently the Chair of National Disability Services Access and Inclusion Sub-Committee. He has also been with Ability Centre for over 13 years and has been in the industry for over 20 years.

    Gareth believes that feedback from the community and disability sector is vital in identifying barriers and developing strategies for positive change. Regular consultation with the City of Perth leads the way for transparent, participatory and co-designed process. 

    Emma Kenton

    After working with Muscular Dystrophy WA, Emma became very aware of the lack of knowledge in the wider public around access and inclusion. As part of her role she wants to educate others on being inclusive and is determined to learn more about the challenges faced by those living with disability so she can advocate for them.

    Stuart Jenkinson

    Stuart lives with a physical disability, and currently works at Carers WA where he has developed an understanding of the needs and interests of carers in WA. Stuart has worked extensively in the disability sector where he has been able to support people with a wide range of disabilities. He has a sound understanding of Disability Access and Inclusion Plans from his previous roles at both City of Perth and City of Nedlands Advisory Groups. Stuart has also been a member of the State Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability and of the Social Media Peer Support Group for people entering the NDIS.

    Bradley Bishop

    Gwen Allpike

    Kyle Santella

  • Meeting Dates and Times

    The group meets quarterly and as required, to accommodate the varying availability of members. Meetings are held from 11am-1pm and a light lunch is provided.

    Please contact the Community Development Officer (Access and Inclusion) on 9461 1511 or at to ensure the meeting dates align with your project time-frames.

  • Agendas and Minutes

    January 2021 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    March 2021 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    May 2021 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    September 2021 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    November 2021 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    January 2022 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    May 2022 | AGENDA | MINUTES 

    July 2022 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    September 2022 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    November 2022 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    March 2023 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    September 2023 | AGENDA | MINUTES

    December 2023 | AGENDA MINUTES

More information and contact

Please contact the Community Development Officer (Access and Inclusion) on 9461 1511 or at to ensure the meeting dates align with your project time-frames. If you have a hearing or speech impairment you can use the National Relay Service to contact the City of Perth at no charge. Call 133 677 or visit the National Relay website.

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