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Group of people exercising in Perth park

Community groups

The City of Perth is home to a number of local community groups who are active in their respective neighbourhoods.

Community engagement   

The City of Perth is committed to ensuring that stakeholders have the information they need to make informed opinions about their capital city and that wherever possible they have a voice in and access to the decision making process on matters that impact them.

The City recognises that it has a diverse range of stakeholders, from our residents and businesses, through to the general public, visitors and tourists and we endeavour to provide opportunities for our stakeholders to find out about and provide feedback on various issues and projects taking place in the capital city.

How can I participate in the City of Perth’s engagement activities?

We welcome participation by all stakeholders in community engagement opportunities, and there are multiple opportunities throughout the year.

Participation will vary from project to project but can range from completing a short survey to attending a workshop or information session to being part of a community reference or working group. The City also welcomes written submissions, and these can be accepted in person or by post. You can also share your thoughts and feedback on the City of Perth’s online engagement platform, Engage Perth.

Community groups

City of Perth is home to several established, full incorporated community groups who are active in their respective neighbourhoods. These neighbourhood based groups engage with the City across various initiatives and projects and would welcome your involvement in local activities. Please contact the groups directly to get involved.