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Waste guidelines for developments

The following guidelines outline required waste management for new developments and redevelopments (both major and minor) with any waste implications within the City of Perth to inform and assist designers and developers.

The objectives of these guidelines are to:

  • Ensure the long term waste management needs of each development are met in an efficient and sustainable manner.
  • Minimise the impact of waste services and facilities on the streetscape and surrounds, in relation to both the footpath/public realm and the frontage of the development.
  • Ensure waste services and facilities do not have a negative impact on the amenity of a locality particularly in terms of noise and odour.
  • Maximise safety for both waste collection staff and the public.
  • Minimise traffic and footpath obstruction. 

The City encourages designers to be innovative in developing the most efficient and sustainable waste management system to meet these objectives.

Waste management should be considered in the early stages of the development design process. An indication of the intended waste management facilities should be submitted with a major development application and a Waste Management Plan (WMP) will be required to be lodged for approval prior to the submission of an application for the required building permits.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their waste management system and servicing with the City early in the design process. This can be initiated by calling 1800 013 827 or emailing