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Skyline City of Perth

Unlocking City Living

City living is at the heart of community aspirations for a thriving and vibrant capital city that is liveable, sustainable and prosperous for current and future generations.

By unlocking opportunities to live in the city centre, the City of Perth can capitalise on the economic benefits that flow from a sustainable increase in population.

The City’s Strategic Community Plan 2022-2023, and its recently adopted Local Planning Strategy, have set an ambitious target of  more than 55,000 City residents by 2036, lifting to 90,000 residents by 2050. 

Building on the best of the Central Perth Neighbourhood

The City has explored existing barriers to residential development across the City’s neighbourhoods, as well as ways to stimulate and accelerate new developments.

The Central Perth Neighbourhood has been identified as a high impact area, with clear benefits to be drawn from delivering additional housing a few steps from the City’s central facilities, business centre, and social and main attractions. 

The Council has endorsed a number of initiatives for the Central neighbourhood that will see the City lead the way in putting Perth first with developers, investors and buyers. 

The keys to new opportunities

Designed to grow our City population, the city living initiatives act as key turners for new build-to-rent, build-to-sell and co-living development opportunities, including student housing.


From 1 July 2023 - 30 June 2030, the following changes will come into effect for the Central Perth Neighbourhood:

  • 50% residential rates reimbursement for ratepayers of new properties approved after 1 July 2023 across 3 consecutive years
  • Waiving ALL City fees for new residential development applications
  • Waiving the City’s fee component for Building and Occupancy permits for new residential developments
The City is also committing $200,000 for a multi-year city living campaign to showcase all the reasons why Perth has been recognised as one of the world’s most liveable cities.


Framing up the future 

Other long-term opportunities to unlock city living will require the involvement of all tiers of Government.

The City of Perth will advocate to the Federal and State Governments to consider opportunities for:

  • land tax and stamp duty concessions
  • streamlining end-to-end development processes
  • amending eligibility criteria for related development funds, and home-owner and rental schemes.