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Residential Parking Permit in Perth

The City of Perth provides residents with the opportunity to apply for a residential parking permit which is able to be used in the respective precinct you reside in. It is important to confirm your eligibility before lodging your application. If you require a permit for an organisation or strata body, please use the applicable downloadable application forms.

Key Details

Service TypeParking and registration
What you needComplete a residential parking permit application and if a tenant, provide proof of tenancy agreement with your application.
Eligibility requirementsYou must be the owner or tenant residing in a property which is located in an eligible area. For further information on which properties are eligible please call Customer Service on (08) 9461 3333.
FeesRefer to fees and charges.
  • Fees and charges
    3 - 6 months Permit - $61.00 
    7 – 12 months Permit - $118.00  
    Replacement Permit - $35.50 

    Concession Card Holders: 
    3 – 6-months permit - $15.25
    7 – 12 months permit $29.50
  • Vehicle specific residential parking permits

    Up to two vehicle specific residential parking permits can be issued to residents whose dwelling/unit falls under Area 1, as shown in the East Perth Kerbside Parking Strategy.

    Vehicle specific permits are only issued to a vehicle that licensed under the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 201 and will only be issued to vehicles that are licensed to the dwelling/unit specified on the application and within the designated area. Vehicle specific permits are only valid for the vehicle of which the registration is displayed on the permit.

Need more help?

If you have further questions please contact Customer Experience Centre on (08) 9461 3333 or email