As part of the recent festival, the curators compiled a series of short films shown at the Northbridge Piazza, celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Acting Chair Commissioner Gaye McMath said the curators won the Film and Multimedia Award for their curated screen program ’12 Films Heart’ which consisted of 12 short films on the topic of love.

“It’s a fantastic achievement for the Screen Team and comes 12 months after an upgrade to the Northbridge Piazza Screen and audio system, making it the only high definition big screen in the city,” Acting Chair Commissioner McMath said.

“The recognition of the curators is not to be underrated considering the City of Perth hosts the third largest FRINGE festival in the world.

“Furthermore it tops off a golden couple of years for the Screen Team, who have now won two awards from four nominations for their work at the Northbridge Piazza Screen, and I congratulate their ongoing efforts that have been embraced by the arts and culture community.”

David Downie, Curator of the Northbridge Piazza SuperScreen, said that the team were humbled to win the Film and Multimedia Award.

“Our goal was to put together a series of national and international short films that the audience could engage with, relate to, and perhaps even stir some emotion,” he said.

“I certainly wasn’t going into this FRINGE season seeking awards, I just wanted to utilise the creative space that we have at the Northbridge Piazza and expose the audience to tasteful and entertaining stories from around the world.”

Joint Film and Multimedia Award winner Sarah Sim’s work was part of the Paper Mountain Peaks 2019 programme, which was exhibited in multiple city venues including the Northbridge Piazza City Arts Space. Peaks 2019 was also the recipient of the Fringe World 2019 Independent Program Award.

Issued by Michael Holland, Senior Media Advisor, 0409 378 926,