The mosquito season runs from September to May and people are urged to check, and regularly change, water in ponds, bird baths and pot plant bases.

Chair Commissioner Eric Lumsden said the City of Perth is currently conducting mosquito trapping to estimate the number and type of mosquitos, to determine the required treatment if necessary.

“Information from authorities indicate this mosquito season will be low due mainly to medium tide heights this year, reducing the amount of water that can get trapped in salt marsh around the Swan River,” Commissioner Lumsden said.

“However problems can occur when people allow water to become stagnant around their home, that provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.

“With the warmer months approaching, reducing the amount of breeding grounds available now, will lead to fewer mosquitos during peak outdoor activity times over summer.”

The City of Perth endorses the State Government’s ‘Fight the Bite’ Mosquito Campaign. Google ‘Fight the Bite’ for more information.

Issued by: Michael Holland, Senior Media Advisor, 9461 3425,