Chair Commissioner Eric Lumsden said those who pledged the Citizenship Oath - or non-religious Affirmation - hailed from 21 countries.
“Perth has always been regarded as a multicultural population, and that was well represented at today’s ceremony as we welcomed new Australian citizens from all over the globe,” Commissioner Lumsden said.
“The Australia Day ceremony is always special – it’s the day the nation proudly celebrates its culture and unites together as a community.”
Mark Brisbane of the charity Improve Silence, and Gavin Buckley of TEDxPerth also received Australia Day WA Citizen of the Year awards at today’s ceremony.
“Two outstanding WA citizens, one from an innovative small charity and another from an organisation that strives to communicate fresh ideas, have been recognised for their valuable contribution to the community,” Commissioner Lumsden said.
“Mark Brisbane of Improve Silence was rewarded for his use of technology, art and social research to incubate programs and projects to solve complex social challenges.
“Gavin Buckley of TEDxPerth was recognised for dedicating his time to expanding TEDxPerth, to showcase Western Australia’s brightest thinkers, and share their ideas with the world.
“The City of Perth is proud to welcome 53 new Australian citizens and congratulates the recipients of the Australia Day WA Citizen of the Year Awards.”

Issued by: Haydn Kruger, Media Advisor, 0427 832 942,