Deputy Chair of Commissioners Gaye McMath said while usage of Perth Town Hall had evolved over time, the land was a meeting place since before colonisation, when the Traditional Custodians of the land used it as a campsite.


“We are inviting people to lend or donate items that tell a story – however big or small – about Perth Town Hall, the historic site it sits on and the role it has played in our society,” Ms McMath said.


“Perth Town Hall, opened on 1 June 1870, continues to be an important and popular community meeting place and an admired function centre.


“The exhibition, marking the building’s150th anniversary on 1 June 2020, will not be restricted to historic photographs – donations could include items such as contemporary photographs or videos, artworks, spoken memories, ephemera and keepsakes related to the Perth Town Hall site.”


Respected Perth heritage identity Richard Offen said Perth Town Hall had a special place in the heart of the community.


“We hope people will search high and low for items which can go into the exhibition,” Mr Offen said.


“So often, things which seem unimportant to the owner can be of great historical significance to the story of a place such as this.”


In conjunction with the donation drive, the City of Perth has created a display from its Cultural Collection highlighting the civic use of the Perth Town Hall over time.


Featured in the Upper Foyer of Perth Town Hall, the display includes items with connections to World War II, and important cultural celebrations such as weddings.


To donate an item, please complete the online donation drive form or complete a collection offer form available from Perth Town Hall.