As part of the Roe Street Enhancement, the City of Perth is proposing to upgrade Roe Street to complement the Perth City Link development, reconnect the CBD with Northbridge and facilitate regeneration of the area.

“Perth City Link is a major transformational project which is working to reconnect the CBD with Northbridge for the first time in 100 years,” Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said.

“Inclusive of Yagan Square and Kings Square, the project will continue to create new space for people to live, work, study, invest and play between the Horseshoe Bridge and the RAC Arena over what was once the railway line.

“Reinforcing Roe Street and the city as a destination, the Roe Street Enhancement will be an important step in realising the vision of Perth City Link to ensure the street meets the needs of a new city population and its reconnection with the CBD.”

Feedback during the revised Roe Street Masterplan process has indicated a high level of support for the enhancement and the proposed changes.

A survey was launched on 27 September 2019 and made available on the City’s online platform, Engage Perth for a period of four weeks.

All property owners, tenants and businesses along Roe Street and an extended area bound by Fitzgerald, Wellington, Aberdeen and Beaufort Streets were directly informed of the survey via a letter drop.

“The Roe Street enhancement will be a significant investment that will benefit residents, businesses, property owners and visitors to the city,” Chair Commissioner Hammond said. 

“By making this street more pedestrian focused, the Roe Street Enhancement Final Masterplan reinforces the connection between the CBD and Northbridge, helping to facilitate the overall regeneration of this area.”

DevelopmentWA Chief Executive Frank Marra said they would continue to work closely with the City of Perth to realise the objectives of the Perth City link project.

“This includes high quality urban design, new and improved public realm, improved pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle connections and delivery of positive economic, social and environmental outcomes,” he said.

“The works completed to date include RAC Arena, Milligan and Wellington Streets and King Street and Manatj Park which provide connection between the city centre and Northbridge for the first time in over 100 years.”

The Roe Street Enhancement Final Masterplan estimated capital cost is $20.8 million. Construction is scheduled to commence mid-2021 and is anticipated to be constructed over one to two years.

The final masterplan proposes a site-specific response with a 2-metre wide, protected uni-directional cycle lane on either side of the road which will:

  • Reinforce Roe Street and the city as a destination;
  • Allow cyclists to move in the same direction as traffic lanes, providing a legible and intuitive cross section for all road users;
  • Allow for an integrated cycle route with existing city infrastructure;
  • Mitigate conflict and risk at all intersections and crossovers;
  • Facilitate key movements; and
  • Allow cyclists ease of transition from Roe Street into the CBD and Northbridge.

Other key elements of the final masterplan include:

  • New lighting and CCTV including analytical cameras to enhance safety and security;
  • Smart lighting which can be monitored and adjusted remotely to improve energy efficiency;
  • Way-finding signage;
  • WiFi to support visitors and to encourage people to spend time in the street;
  • Retention of parking on the southern side of the street to service businesses in Yagan Square and Roe Street as well as ride share;
  • Widened footpaths to facilitate comfortable pedestrian movement as well as street-based activities such as outdoor dining; and
  • Removal of two traffic lanes to make the street more pedestrian friendly and allow ease of movement between the city and Northbridge.

Existing traffic volumes have been accommodated to prevent traffic congestion.

Issued by: Brooke Hunter, Strategic Communications Advisor, 0448 610 834,