City of Perth Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said the retail forum was an important step in listening, collaborating and supporting the City’s retail sector.

“In the past few months, we’ve taken a different approach towards improving economic activity for our local retailers,” Chair Commissioner Hammond said.

“Tuesday’s session was about listening to those who have some skin in the game to gain a better understanding as to how they would like the City to assist and support them in the current retail environment.”

Tabled at the July Council Meeting, Commissioners unanimously endorsed a plan outlining several strategies to address homelessness, parking and retail challenges in the City.

“Part of that plan was to conduct a series of retail forums, facilitating an open dialogue with some of the City’s most important stakeholders,” Chair Commissioner Hammond said.

“It is early days just yet and we will build on the knowledge gained from yesterday’s session, however, this approach is a step in the right direction taken alongside our retail community.

“We are listening to their views and we will do what we can to assist and support them.

“The clear message received is that we need to act quickly and together on a range of strategies and activities that can be implemented to make a difference, including the possible formation of a collective marketing and management entity, and how that could be efficiently delivered.”

An Action Plan will be presented to Council prior to Christmas.

Issued by: Haydn Kruger, Media Advisor, 9461 1423,