At the 2019 Skyworks, the City of Perth Waste and Cleansing Team’s aim was to reduce the amount of waste generated by the event, maximise recycling and minimise waste taken to landfill.
This year, the total Skyworks waste volume was 14.14 tonnes and from this, a total of 9.75 tonnes, or 70 per cent, was diverted from landfill.
This percentage is a massive 18 per cent increase from last year and is the first time the City of Perth has surpassed the State Government’s target of 65 per cent diversion from landfill.

The diversion from landfill consisted of 5.10 tonnes of comingled recycling which attendees segregated at the event with assistance from the City’s clean-up crew and volunteers.

A further 4.65 tonnes of food waste was recovered from general waste and turned into compost.
“In the past four years, the team have completely turned the general waste percentage on its head for the Skyworks event,” Deputy Chair Commissioner Gaye McMath said.
“In an effort to reduce waste for 2019, extra recycling bins were placed around the Skyworks event, promoting the waste-wise message of reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose wisely.”
With zero plastic litter bags available at the event, clean up staff and Earth Carers volunteers were roaming the foreshore sorting and collecting rubbish and recycling.
In addition, water tanks were placed around the Langley Park, Kings Park, Sir James Mitchell Park and the Supreme Court Gardens to allow attendees to refill their drink bottles at no cost. Families were also encouraged to bring their own picnics from home.
All food vendors were also encouraged to minimise single-use plastic items and find alternatives such as reusable and compostable items, palm leaf or sugarcane plates, cardboard trays or paper bags, wooden or corn starch cutlery and cellophane wrap made from cellulose instead of plastic wrap. The overwhelming majority of suppliers were supportive of the City’s efforts to reduce waste.
Skyworks 2019 Diversion Statistics
General waste = 7.76T collected and 60 per cent recovered from landfill = 4.65T
Comingled = 6.38T collected and 80 per cent recovered = 5.10T
Total Skyworks 2019 waste volume = 14.14T
Total diversion from landfill = 9.75T, or 68.9 per cent
Issued by: Brooke Hunter, Corporate Communications Officer, 0448 610 834,