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Marketing and Promotion

As Western Australia's capital city local government, the City of Perth is not only a custodian of ratepayers and community within its local government boundary, it also represents the broader Perth area on a national and international stage. The FY20/21 Marketing Plan offers an overview of the destination marketing activities to promote Perth as the premier destination to visit for entertainment, food and beverage, tours, accommodation and attractions, unique experiences and shopping. Further, for other attraction pillars like live, work or invest, marketing activities include the promotion of City services such as economic development and demonstrating City leadership through driving awareness of major projects and initiatives.

If you are a local business, there are several opportunities for you to promote your business for free, upskill your team or participate in the City’s marketing activities.

Using the Visit Perth brand

The purpose of the Visit Perth brand is to unearth the human stories of Perth to inspire city wanderlust.

Expect to see rich storytelling told through a unique human lens. We have the unrivalled vantage point of being at the centre of the greatest city in the world (…we may be a bit biased!) and we want to use that position to create quality content that showcases our city to visitors. Keep this in mind when submitting content.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the Visit Perth brand guidelines and we can discuss how we can collaborate.

Promote your business

  • Provide strong content for social media

    We have several social media accounts where your content might be suitable for – City of Perth Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn; Visit Perth Facebook and Instagram.

    Must have:

    • Listing added to Visit Perth website via the Business Portal.
    • Short, succinct information to accompany the image/video. Make sure to include the most interesting details of your business or event and avoid salesy language.
    • Great photo or video.
      • Preferably with people in them – the Visit Perth brand shares stories through a human lens.
      • Make sure you have the rights to the content.
      • Avoid empty venues and single use plastics.
      • Photos: 
        • High resolution (1MB or more) with no text, logos or graphics.
        • Bright, colourful and in focus.
        • Provide a combination landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) photos.
      • Videos:
        • Keep it to about 10-30 seconds.
          • We can work with both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) videos.
          • Shoot with the light behind or to the side of you.

    Top tips:

    • Make sure to use the correct tags so we can share your content – #visitperth on Instagram main feed photos, @VisitPerth on Instagram stories and the Visit Perth Facebook page on Facebook.
    • Keep us in loop early on if something new is happening that is worth sharing.
    • Send us content about 2-4 weeks before we’d need to share it.
    • Examples of shareable content ideas include interesting collaborations, retail experiences and instore events (e.g. meet the artist, meet the author, live music instore).
  • Street banners
    If you’re looking to promote a large-scale event, the City’s street banners can be an effective tool. Banners are located across the city including high-traffic areas such as the Hay and Murray Street malls. Find out more information.

Stay up to date

  • Business events and networking
    The City of Perth holds regular business workshops on a range of topics to support small and medium businesses to thrive within the city environment. 

    These workshops are also a great opportunity to connect and network with other businesses, however tickets are limited and supplied on a first-in first-served basis. A maximum of two participants per business will be allowed to secure tickets at each workshop.

    The workshop program is currently being reviewed. Please contact the Business Development team in the meantime.
  • Inside Perth
    Inside Perth is an electronic newsletter distributed monthly which shares important news, information, opportunities, and marketing campaigns and events from the city. The information is primarily targeted at businesses and traders operating within the City of Perth boundaries, however may be useful for other interested parties. To subscribe to Inside Perth, email the City

    View previous issues and mailouts.

Get involved

Global trends

We’re currently on the lookout for storytelling content on the following global trends. If you have an interesting take on this trend, let us know.

  • Native dining – cooking with native Australian ingredients.
  • Carbon positive travel – activity that goes beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Farm to plate dining – food comes directly from the producer without going through a store or distributor.
  • Sober bars – serving creative, quality mocktails or alcohol-free beverages. 
  • The art of slow travel – mindful travel that focuses on the journey rather than just the destination, getting off the beaten track and immersing yourself in experiences.
  • Wellness travel and hospitality – travellers looking for a tourism experience to leave them mentally revitalised, spiritually connected and physically renewed.
  • Luxury skincare – science is taking over the beauty industry with offerings like DNA-analysed beauty treatments and scientific skincare products.
  • Social stays/solo travel – solo travel is on the rise and hotels and hospitality providers can cater to this particular guest looking for entertainment and connection.