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The City of Perth has a comprehensive Graffiti Management Plan with five areas of focus; prevention, reporting, recording and analysis, treatment and rapid removal, and response and enforcement.

The whole community can contribute to graffiti management and reduce the impact this criminal office has on our city. 

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See below for details on how to report graffiti.

To learn more about graffiti prevention, clean up and programs, visit the Goodbye Graffiti website. 

  • How do I report graffiti?

    If you see anyone tagging walls or committing any act of graffiti vandalism, report it to police on 131 444.

    If you see this happening within the CBD or Northbridge, call CityWatch on (08) 9461 6611 and ask the surveillance officers to see if they can capture it on CCTV.

    If you see existing graffiti you can report it 24 hours a day on the Goodbye Graffiti hotline on 1800 442 255 or by using the online form. 

  • Will City of Perth remove graffiti from private properties?
    City of Perth carries out the reporting and removal of graffiti from council and private properties within the city. Graffiti is removed from private properties where it is visible from the street, in line with council policy and procedures.

Report graffiti

Police: 131 444

CityWatch: (08) 9461 6611

Goodbye Graffiti: 1800 442 255