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Archive building plans and documents

If you require access, or copies of plans held in the City’s archives, you will need to conduct an Archive Plan Search.

Please note that if your property is located within the City of Vincent, Town of Cambridge or Town Victoria Park you will need to contact those respective authorities directly regarding archive searches.

Key Details

Service TypeBuilding and construction
What you needComplete the Archive Plan Search form.
Eligibility requirements

An archive search constitutes a request for plans/specifications only. No documentation will be included. Individual strata owners are entitled to receive digital copies of the building plans for the whole strata complex. 

  • Fees and charges

    Standard archive search (7 day turnaround): $101.90

    Priority archive search* (48 hour turnaround): $314.80

    *Please contact the Development Approval Services on (08) 9461 3364 prior to lodging a priority (48 Hour) application.

Need more help?

The City can provide guidance please contact (08) 9461 1403 or email us on