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Built strata application

Application for certificate of approval for a Strata Plan, Plan of re-subdivision or consolidation (built strata).

Key Details

Service TypeBuilding and construction
What you need

Submit the built strata application (form 15A) along with the prescribed fees. Please use the application guide and forms that are available to download from the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage website

Applicable laws
Strata Titles Act 1985 Section 25(3)
  • Important information

    Built Strata Subdivision Applications (Form 15A and Form 15C) made under Section 15 of the Strata Titles Act 1985 (as amended) and the Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019 

    Built strata subdivision applications are determined by the City under delegation from the Western Australian Planning Commission. This delegation does not extend to applications proposing a vacant lot, vacant air strata in multi-tiered strata schemes or leasehold schemes where applications are to be made directly to the WAPC for determination. There are also types of built strata subdivisions that do not require approval as prescribed by the Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019. These are where:

    • The area of land is no more than 2,500m²; and;
    • The lots are to be used for residential purposes and each lot contains only one dwelling; and
    • There are no more than five lots in the strata; and
    • The land is within a residential zone and conforms with the local planning scheme.

    Built strata subdivision can take place where buildings are fully constructed, or where buildings are proposed to be constructed. An application for approval of a built strata subdivision is made to the City using a Form 15A (previously Form 24). The Form 15A certifies that the proposed strata plan is in accordance with the approved development plans. The City will review the application and issue a decision, which may or may not include conditions of approval. Following receipt of an approval, the applicant must address how any conditions imposed on the Form 15A have been complied with before applying for a certificate of endorsement (Form 15C, previously Forms 1C and 26). The Form 15C must be accompanied by a copy of the strata plan.

    Application guides and forms are available to download from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website via the following links:,-development-and-property/subdivision-fees-and-forms,-manuals-and-guidelines/strata-form-15-applications

    Form 15A and Form 15C applications can be lodged with the City using one of the following methods:

    Applications: 15A can be lodged online – which is the City’s preferred option

    In Person: City of Perth Council House – 27 St Georges Tce, Perth

    By Post: City of Perth – GPO Box C120 Perth 6839

  • Fees and Charges
    Number of Allotments Maximum Fee
    1 to 5

    $656 plus $65 per lot

    6 to 100 $981 plus $43.50 per lot for every lot is excess of 5 lots
    In excess of 100 lots $5,113.50

    Please note, no fee is applicable for applications for endorsement of a strata plan made on an accompanying Form 15C (previously Form 1 C and 26).

Need more help?

The City can provide guidance on permits and requirements, please email us on or contact (08) 9461 3352.