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Food Business Registration

The City registers and inspects food businesses operating in the City. There are minimum standards by which these premises must operate in relation to food safety and maintenance. The construction, operation and maintenance of food businesses are subject to the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Key Details

Service TypeBusinesses
What you needComplete the applicable Food Business Registration form.
Eligibility requirementsPlans of your food business, see 'Which Food Business Registration do I complete?' below.
  • Which food business registration do I complete?

    Please complete the following form that applies to your situation.

    Food Business Registration form

    This form is required if:

    • You have purchased an existing business and will operate the business exactly the same way and make no changes to the premises.
    • You are making changes to a kitchen, such as changing equipment, cupboards or flooring and does not include changes to walls or ventilation (roof).
    • You are fitting out a new food business, are making changes to a kitchen which include changes to walls or ventilation (roof), or making any changes to the outside of the building, please phone the City for advice. You will require a building permit and may require planning approval prior to applying for your Food Business Approval.

    Registration fee: $97. Assessment and inspection fees up to $153 may also apply.

    Food Business Notification form

    This form is required if your business:

    • Only serves complementary drinks in conjunction with another business conducted on the premises (eg.hairdresser providing tea and coffee).
    • Only sells shelf stable products that are entirely contained in a closed package (eg. liquor store with no tastings). 

    Notification fee: $46. Please email for a copy of this form.