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Vision and Strategy


This is the community’s vision for Perth and the City of Perth is proud to reflect this in our latest Strategic Community Plan 2019 / 2029 as a guiding principle for the delivery of our services. 

Perth is a young and constantly evolving city in comparison to other capital cities throughout the world. The community wants the city to be a beautiful and connected place that provides vibrant, diverse and friendly experiences. It is the City of Perth’s role to recognise, promote and enhance the social, environmental, economic and cultural uniqueness of the city for both now and into the future. To fulfil this role, the City takes an integrated approach to planning to ensure the City’s operations are focused on delivering the best outcomes for the community. Through its Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework (ISPRF), the City develops plans aimed at enhancing the quality of Perth as a great place to live, work, visit, study and invest. 
The Strategic Community Plan 2019 / 2029 provides the City’s long-term strategic direction and guides our decision making, services, projects and financial commitments in order to achieve the Community’s vision and aspirations below.

  • People - Vision and Strategy


    A safe, activated and welcoming city that celebrates its diversity and sense of community, providing unique educational, cultural, sporting and lifestyle offerings.
  • Place - Vision and Strategy


    A well-planned and functional built form environment, promoting world class architecture, appreciation of heritage, diversity of land use and a sustainable, affordable and accessible integrated transport system.
  • Planet - Vision and Strategy


    A city that respects, protects and fosters its natural environment, embraces the principles of sustainability and acknowledges the impacts of our changing climate.
  • Prosperity - Vision and Strategy


    A city with a diverse and resilient economy capitalising upon its unique competitive advantages and creative reputation, attracting sustainable investment in education, tourism, entertainment, commerce, technology and trade.
  • Performance - Vision and Strategy


    A city led by a Council and supported by an administration that is committed to sound strategy and governance, excellence in customer service and effective and sincere engagement with all stakeholders.
  • Partnership - Vision and Strategy


    A city that has earned the respect and support of the local industry through strong partnerships with state bodies, industry and community groups and other key stakeholders.


The City of Perth Corporate Business Plan 2020/21 – 2023/24, provides direction and ensures sustainability for the financial future and strategic positioning of the City by setting the priorities for the next four years. The CBP is guided by the 6 Strategic Aspirations above and incorporates the priorities of the plans that have been identified in the ISPRF, Corporate Recovery Implementation Plan (CRIP) & COVID-19 Economic Rebound Strategy

The Long Term Financial Plan is a 10-year plan that guides our approach to delivering infrastructure and services to the community in a responsible and affordable way.

Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework infographic