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Next Generation cashless parking meter

Replacing our parking meters

Introducing our Next Generation cashless parking meters

We’ve improved parking in the City of Perth, making your experience faster, smarter and easier.

We have installed our new easy-to-use parking meters along our city streets and non-boom gated car parks.

The new parking meters don’t just look better, they provide a smoother and more reliable parking experience, complementing the City’s recent addition of the EasyPark payment app.

These new parking meters are cashless and ticketless, making them a more sustainable option. Drivers will be asked to enter their licence plate details, then simply tap their credit or debit cards on the front display to pay. You can watch this video for more details: 


The new meters will be operational from June 2024 in our non-boom gate entry car parks and on-street locations. 

Important Information:

  • New parking meters are cashless and ticketless
  • Enter your vehicle registration number to start parking
  • New parking meters accept tap’n’go payment
  • Cash-accepting parking meters will be situated in City of Perth Parking car parks and near hospitals

Plus, exciting news for motorcycle riders! In non-boom gate entry car parks (pay-by-plate) you will be able to pay for parking in motorcycle bays using the new cashless parking meters. These meters will replace the need for motorcycle-specific parking meters.

The benefits of our new parking meters

  • Ease of use: No more trips back to your car to display a ticket – just tap’n’go! 
  • Less clutter: We’ll be removing redundant machines and signage cluttering up the streetscape, improving pedestrian access.
  • Higher reliability – Experience fewer faults and frustrations thanks to improved technology, no more coin jams and printer errors.
  • More sustainable – Embrace a greener option with solar-powered meters and no more wasted paper tickets.

How will our new parking meters work?

The new parking meters are designed to be easy to use, with simple on-screen instructions:

  • Enter your vehicle licence plate number: Begin by entering your vehicle’s licence plate number using the keypad on the meter’s screen.
  • Select Parking Duration: Next, select the amount of time you intend to park within the designated zone's parking time limit. You can adjust the duration by moving the slider on the screen.
  • Payment: Pay for your parking by either tapping your phone or using your credit or debit card. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the payment process.
  • Obtain E-Receipt: You can obtain an electronic receipt (e-receipt) at the time of purchase. Scan the QR code displayed on the meter's screen using your smartphone, or download a copy from the web portal.

Our new parking meters utilise Pay-by-Plate technology and are cashless and ticketless, accepting tap’n’go payments using your smart device and credit or debit card.  

Pay-by-Plate technology uses your vehicle’s licence plate number to record your parking time and payment, removing the need to display a paper ticket on your vehicle dash.

The EasyPark App

If you would prefer to skip the parking meter, you can pay for parking from your phone using the EasyPark App following the steps below:

  • Download the EasyPark app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Register your details and vehicles with EasyPark,
  • To start parking, open the app, confirm your parking location, ensure you select the correct vehicle and registration and start your parking session
  • Extend your parking session anywhere from your phone, up to the maximum time allowed
  • Don’t forget to end your parking session to ensure you only pay for the time you use

For more information or to download the app please visit the EasyPark website.