Proposed as part of the City of Perth’s Homeless Sector Review and refined by the City Homeless Framework Committee co-chaired by Deputy Chair Commissioner Gaye McMath and Perth MP John Carey, the process involves the accreditation of homeless service providers and goodwill groups to operate within the City of Perth from a designated site.

Located on the corner of Moore Street West and the Fremantle train line, the chosen site will act as a hub for accredited homeless services operating within the public realm.
Running as a 12-month trial, services from the site will launch in January 2020.

City of Perth Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said the accreditation of services was intended to collectively support the City, the Perth homelessness sector, the community and people requiring support.

“The City is taking a lead role in homelessness and supports the Perth homelessness sector with the goal of ending homelessness in Western Australia,” Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said.
“By coordinating the community goodwill within the broader sector, the City will work to reduce duplication of services provided, identify gaps in service delivery and effectively utilise the sectors’ finite resources to support people experiencing homelessness.”

Interim CEO at 360 Health + Community Gautam Gupta said the 360 StreetDoctor service was excited about the proposed site at Moore Street.

“The opportunity to work alongside other service providers in a safe and accessible space means we can continue to provide quality healthcare and other essential health and social wellbeing services to people in need,” he said.

“People experiencing or at risk of being homeless have unique barriers to accessing healthcare. The new accreditation process means 360 StreetDoctor can confidently assist people to access consistently available services that are well equipped to support people in unique circumstances and working to end the cycle of homelessness.”

Current amenities at the Moore Street site include power, public toilets and water.

Additional amenities required will include bins, cleansing services, lighting and security.