The Australia Day Council WA Community Citizen of the Year Awards provide an opportunity to acknowledge those making a difference in the local Perth community.
City of Perth Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said the awards recognised those who made a momentous contribution in areas such as education, health, wellbeing, business, sport, arts, the environment, social inclusion and volunteering.
“The Community Citizen of the Year Awards recognise those who have demonstrated leadership and enhanced the Perth community through acts of kindness, bravery and selflessness,” he said.
“It is an opportunity to celebrate people who are proud of Perth, who have a sense of responsibility to the community and who have brought about positive change as a result.
“Every community has local heroes and Perth is no exception.”
There are four categories for the awards as follows: Community Citizen of the Year, Senior Community Citizen of the Year (over 65 years), Young Community Citizen of the Year (under 25 years), Active Citizenship Award (community or group event).
To be eligible, nominees must reside or work principally within the City of Perth. Nominations close 31 October 2019.
The awards will be presented at the City of Perth’s Australia Day Citizenship and Awards Ceremony on 26 January 2020.
For further information or to make a nomination, visit the Citizenship Awards website.
Issued by: Brooke Hunter, Strategic Communications Advisor, 0448 610 834,