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Welcome to the City of Perth

City of Perth COVID-19 Community Update

This page was last updated 20 Jan 2022, 3.30pm

Community Services and Support

The City of Perth is committed to keeping the community safe and healthy by implementing COVID-safe measures.

The City has consistently demonstrated an innovative and responsive approach to the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to plan and make decisions based on expert health advice from the WA Government.

  • City of Perth venues and facilities
    Before entering City of Perth venues and facilities, visitors will be required to check in using the ServiceWA app or sign in manually. If using the old SafeWA app or signing in manually, you will be required to have proof of ID on you.  
    Council House 
    Surfaces are wiped down regularly, hand sanitiser is available, as are hand washing facilities. 
    City of Perth Library 
    The City of Perth Library is running help sessions for patrons to download the ServiceWA app or print their proof of vaccination certificate.  
    The sessions will take place from 10am to 12.30pm, Monday 24 January to Friday 28 January (excluding Australia Day).  
    People will be directed to the Library Auditorium for one-on-one assistance in setting up app on their device, or to Level 2 where they can set up or link their MyGov and Medicare accounts to print their vaccination certificate. Please make sure to have your Medicare card, a current email address and 100 points of ID.  
    Surfaces at the City of Perth Library such as keyboards and touch screens are wiped down regularly, hand sanitiser is available, as are hand washing facilities. 
    Perth Town Hall 
    Surfaces are wiped down regularly, hand sanitiser is available, as are hand washing facilities.  
    Citiplace Community Centre and Citiplace Rest Centre 
    As per State Government regulations, all staff at the Citiplace Community Centre must be fully vaccinated. The Community Centre employs a full-time cleaner, with volunteers also continuously cleaning tables in the dining room.   
    Staff at the Rest Centre are licensed security guards and professional cleaners who continuously clean the facility. 
    The Citiplace Community Centre is also working with the City of Perth Library and computer instructor volunteers to assist people in setting up the ServiceWA app. 
    iCity Kiosk 
    As per State Government regulations, all volunteers for the iCity Visitor Service must now be fully vaccinated. The iCity kiosk employs Iconic Cleaning company to regularly clean the facility.  
    The volunteers also continuously clean all surfaces and equipment before every shift change. Hand sanitiser is available, as are hand washing facilities. 
    All volunteers are required to QR scan upon the start of every shift. 
    Childcare Centre  
    As per State Government regulations, all staff at the Citiplace Childcare Centre must be fully vaccinated.  
    Upon entering the Child Care Centre, visitors will be required to check in using the ServicesWA app or sign in manually. Surfaces are wiped down regularly, hand sanitiser is available, as are hand washing facilities. All children are urged to wash their hands on arrival and departure. Staff are required to stay home and get tested if unwell with any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • How can I get help?
    The City of Perth takes the health and safety of our community very seriously.  We are keen to promote a happy and healthy community for those who live in the area, as well as those who work in or visit the city.
    If in need of support, the City of Perth encourages vulnerable members of the community to follow healthy and safe practices based on current information provided by the WA Department of Health.
    For those that might be needing immediate support, please call the below 24/7 helplines:
    Lifeline: 13 11 14  
    Beyond Blue: 1800 512 348  
    Women's Domestic Violence Helpline: 9223 1188  
    Men's Domestic Violence Helpline: 9223 1199  
    Alcohol and Drug Support Line: 9442 5000  
    In an emergency or if someone is in immediate danger:
    WA Police: 000
  • What are you doing to support vulnerable community members?

    The City of Perth is consistently working in partnership with the WA Government and community services sector to address the impacts of COVID-19 on people sleeping rough in our city.

    The City is continuing to support the coordination of services both in the not-for-profit sector but also through goodwill and community groups, including the homelessness accreditation site at Moore Street. 

  • What are you doing to help keep the community safe?
    The City of Perth continues to run SafeCity services across the city to increase vigilance in the community. SafeCity Rangers provide community members with advice on crime and safety in the city, undertake reviews of premises using crime prevention best practices and advise on how to report incidents. 
    City of Perth Safe City Patrols operate seven days a week from 7am to 9pm across all areas of the city. The patrols are undertaken by City staff and include additional foot and vehicle patrols. In addition, the CityWatch Surveillance team monitors the vast suite of CCTV cameras 24/7/365. 
    Outreach services provide additional welfare support to the vulnerable, giving direction to where services and help can be found, while liaising with State-run services for persons in need.
  • What are the restrictions on City of Perth facilitated events and sponsored events when the borders open?
    Please visit for the latest advice on COVID-19 restrictions.

    Visitors can use the WA Government’s new ServiceWA app to check-in using the QR codes at each event and show their proof of COVID-19 vaccinations or medical exemptions. Manual registers will also be available.

Keeping city businesses afloat during COVID-19 outbreaks

Visible hygiene and social distancing will be the most important considerations for the City of Perth’s businesses, retailers and hospitality venues to ensure staff and customer safety, and to retain consumer confidence during community spread of COVID-19. 
As yet, Western Australia has not experienced the same impact of COVID-19 infections as other States and Territories but the virus, in its various forms, is expected to be present in the community once border restrictions begin to ease further. 
Business owners should promote and practice good hygiene (visible cleaning and hand sanitiser availability) to ensure that venues remain safe spaces for their staff and customers. 
City businesses can access all the latest WA Government information on COVID-19 transition requirements - as well as tools for businesses to convey messaging to staff and customers - here.

  • Staff safety

    Practical suggestions:

    • Move lunch break areas, where masks can be removed to eat and drink, away from crowded areas; 
    • Ensure staff equipment in shared food areas is sanitised, regularly; 
    • Suggest that, where possible, staff eat and drink outside - for example in a park - where social distancing can occur; 
    • Staff who serve customers should not touch their masks before handling food and beverage, utensils or crockery and should maintain regular handwashing/sanitisation; 
    • Stagger essential staffing shifts to prepare for borders opening.
  • Mask wearing


    • Masks should be worn high on the face, covering the nose; 
    • Effort should be made to ensure a tight seal on the wearer’s face; 
    • Staff should not touch their mask, other than to put it on and remove it; 
    • Hands should be thoroughly sanitised after touching a mask; 
    • Masks should be changed regularly during the day; 
    • Cloth masks should be stored in a bag, taken home and washed on the highest temperature; 
    • Masks should not be removed indoors during mandated mask-wearing periods; 
    • Staff should remind all customers to wear masks during Government-mandated periods, or refuse entry.

  • Signing in and proof of vaccination requirements


    A pen or pencil is a potential source for the spread of COVID-19. Given the small number of customers who sign in manually, businesses should (where possible) supply individual pens or pencils and a receptacle for disposal.

    Staff and owners should remember to sign in at their place of work each day, and when re-entering the building after an absence.  
    Businesses should appoint a rotation of staff members to ensure vigilance around the signing in process.
    There are a number of options for customers: 
    The ServiceWA app; 
    The SafeWA app (this will be phased out); Photo ID required 
    A paper register; Photo ID required 
    Staff should be directed to ensure that customer proof of full vaccination is shown, via an app or hard copy, when the WA Government mandate requires it. This will require a need to see photo ID for all but the ServiceWA app. 
    Staff should monitor for attempts to provide fake vaccination certificates and report breaches to WA Police, immediately. 

  • Free and discounted parking within the City of Perth
    To continue to encourage visitors, the City of Perth will continue $10 all-day weekday parking at the following venues (4am – 5.59pm) : 

    Free three-hour parking at weekends and on public holidays is available at: 

  • Has the City increased cleaning in public areas?

    In September, the City introduced the Clean Machine – a motorised vehicle which city businesses can call for quick spot cleans outside their premise. 
    Meanwhile, increased cleaning of all City of Perth facilities, playgrounds, parking machines, drinking fountains, street furniture and public toilets continues. 
    Street sweepers and high-pressure cleaning services operate daily in the City’s shopping malls.

    Other measures:

    • Public toilets are cleaned up to five times a day, depending on the level of use and the location;
    • Bins are emptied and bin tops cleaned often;
    • Drinking fountains throughout the City are cleaned with high-pressure water regularly;
    • Parking ticket machines in the CPP carparks are being cleaned twice a day.
    Designated staff patrol the malls and CBD, cleaning and collecting waste and litter, while at night there are eight designated staff in a variety of street cleaning machines.