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Outdoor dining in East Perth

Social Gathering Notification Submission

Thank you for letting us know about your upcoming social gathering.

You can now proceed with your get together. You will receive a copy of this via email shortly, please keep a copy ready for your day. The information you submitted will be reviewed by the City and if there are concerns with the submission or site availability, one of our officers will reach out to you.

We hope you enjoy our wonderful parks and gardens and to assist you and other park users, we have some general conditions below for you to keep in mind. 


  • Enjoy the park, but please do not deface or damage any City of Perth equipment, foliage or turf.
  • The sale and supply of alcohol is not permitted and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Gas BBQs are permitted. Please do not use solid fuel such as wood, charcoal and briquettes.
  • On fire ban or extreme fire days, no fires are permitted.
  • Fireworks and power generators are not permitted without additional approvals.
  • Only temporary structures of less than 20sqm are permitted.
  • Please secure all structure with either pegging to the ground or with sandbags. Do not tie down to trees or City of Perth equipment. If using pegs, the maximum peg length is 300 mm.
  • When you are finished, remember to leave the site in the same condition you found it removing all rubbish and items you brought with you. Do not empty water or sand containers onto the park.
  • As there is no exclusive use of the site with this notification, you may be sharing the space with others. Remain courteous and respectful of other people’s activities.
  • Please be mindful of other users and our local residents when enjoying our parks and gardens. Our Rangers may attend if notified of a disturbance. If you witness a disturbance, please contact 9461 6611 to report the incident.

The City's Authorised Officers are also given this information to monitor activities within the City. They may stop or modify an activity that breaches these conditions, interferes with other people’s enjoyment or impacts on public safety.

The staff at the City hope you have a wonderful time. We love feedback, so if you have a comment, compliment or concern, please email