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Heritage Perth

Heritage Perth Inc. (formerly known as the City of Perth Heritage Appeal) was inaugurated in June 2005 as a joint venture between the City of Perth and the National Trust of Australia (WA). In October 2008, Heritage Perth became an independent organisation, retaining strong links to its principal partner, the City of Perth.

The role of Heritage Perth is to present the heritage of the city of Perth in a positive way, demonstrating it as a valuable community, environmental and economic asset.

In 2019, after raising the profile of heritage in Perth for over a decade, the independent organisation will cease to exist, with its name, events and activities finding a new home within the City of Perth, where it will continue to be resourced and equipped to deliver heritage outcomes.

The City is delighted to welcome Heritage Perth to its new home, where its reputation, cultural value and programs will continue to thrive and grow.

The City of Perth warmly thanks Heritage Perth, Executive Directors, staff, its Board and all stakeholders who have supported its goals and enabled heritage to flourish in the city.

To read more about Heritage Perth projects and initiatives, head to the Heritage Perth website.