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Birak Concert Partnership Opportunity

Birak Concert is Perth’s premier and largest celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and the centrepiece of the City of Perth’s Australia Day festivities.

In 2023 we are offering a unique opportunity to partner with the City of Perth, support Aboriginal artists, and help us to reflect, respect and celebrate together.

All expressions of interest received for this opportunity will be assessed against the below criteria:

City's Strategic Pillars: Liveable, Sustainable, Prosperous.

1. Liveable - Describe how your organisation contributes to and/or positively influences the Perth

2. Sustainable
a) Describe how your organisation addresses social impact and sustainability.
b) Describe how your organisation champions diversity and inclusion, both within your organisation
and in the wider community.

3. Prosperous - Describe how your organisation contributes to Perth's economy and its local businesses.

For more information, view the Birak Concert Sponsorship Opportunity prospectus on this page.