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Design Advisory Committee

The Design Advisory Committee has been appointed by the Council in accordance with the requirements of Clause 40 of the City Planning Scheme No. 2, which was gazetted on 9 January 2004.

The Committee is required to provide independent technical advice and recommendations to the Council in respect to applications requesting a Plot Ratio Bonus in the Central Area and design issues on other applications referred to it for consideration.

Committee Members

  • Mr David Karotkin (Presiding Member)
  • Mr Warren Kerr 
  • Mr Chris Melsom 
  • Mr Andrew Howe
  • Mr Stuart Pullyblank
  • State Government Architect (or nominee)
  • General Manager Planning and Economic Development 
  • Mr Peter Hobbs (Deputy for David Karotkin and Warren Kerr)
  • Mr Ben De Marchi (Deputy for Chris Melsom and Andrew Howe)
  • Mr Tony Blackwell (Deputy for Stuart Pullyblank)
  • Ms Melinda Payne (Deputy for State Government Architect or nominee)
  • City Architect (Deputy for General Manager Planning and Economic Development) 

Referral of applications to the Design Advisory Committee

The following applications will be referred to the Committee:

  1. Applications for development which are seeking bonus plot ratio whether inside or outside the Central Area.
  2. Application for major developments within the city.
  3. Applications for other developments where the advice of the Design Advisory Committee is considered by the Manager Approval Services to be of assistance in the assessment of the application.
  4. Any application referred to the Committee by the Council’s Planning Committee or by the Council at a Council meeting.

Plot Ratio Bonuses

The Committee will be guided by the Council's Bonus Plot Ratio Policy adopted pursuant to Clause 56 of the City Planning Scheme No. 2.

This Policy defines the following considerations in assessing applications for bonus plot ratio:

  • The awarding of bonus plot ratio presents an opportunity for the Council to encourage development within the city to include community facilities that will both improve the environment of the city, for its people and assist the Council in realising its aims and objectives for future development of the city.
  • Bonus plot ratio will not be awarded 'as of right' but must be earned.
  • The means of earning the plot ratio bonus is primarily through the provision of an onsite community facility or amenity as part of the development. The facility should benefit the population of the city and the community as a whole, enhance enjoyment of the city and contribute positively to the overall physical environment and ambience of the city.

The policy identifies the following list of facilities eligible for bonus plot ratio:

  • Public spaces.
  • Pedestrian links.
  • Conservation of heritage places.
  • Provision of specific facilities on private land.
  • Residential Use: Maximum 20 per cent bonus.
  • Special Residential Use: Maximum 40 per cent bonus (20 for special residential use or 40 per cent for high quality hotel use).

Reference should be made to the Bonus Plot Ratio Policy for details of how applications for bonus plot ratio will be assessed.

Design advisory matters

The Committee will also consider applications put before it for advice on design elements. In making any recommendation on these applications, the Committee will have due regard to the provisions of the City Planning Scheme No. 2 and any Planning Policy adopted under the Scheme.

Register of decisions of the Design Advisory Council 

In order to ensure that bonus plot ratio is awarded consistently, effectively and equitably and that design advice is similarly provided on a consistent basis, the Committee will establish a register recording the following information:

  • Details of the development and facility seeking bonus plot ratio.
  • Details of the development and major design issues to be addressed.
  • The Committee’s recommendation of the proposal.
  • The Council's decision in regard to each application.