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The 2021 Election

On Friday, 2 March 2018, the Minister for Local Government announced the suspension of the City of Perth Council and the appointment of Commissioners to fulfil the role of the suspended Council. In October 2019, the term of the suspended Lord Mayor and four suspended Councillors expired and in January 2020, the Minister declared the offices of the remaining four suspended Councillors vacant, as more than half of the offices of Council were vacant. 

An election to fill the vacancies occurred on Saturday, 17 October 2020, where the following positions were filled:

1 Lord Mayor, 3 year term, Term to expire on 21 October 2023  Basil Zempilas 
4 Councillors, 3 year terms, Term to expire on 21 October 2023  Sandy Anghie, Di Bain, Catherine Lezer, Rebecca Gordon 
4 Councillors, 1 year terms, Term to expire on 16 October 2021  Brent Fleeton, Liam Gobbert, Victor Ko, Clyde Bevan 

The 2021 election sees the following positions available on Council:

  • 4 Councillors, 4 year terms, Term to expire on 18 October 2025


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