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Executive management team

The day to day running of the City of Perth is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer. Along with the General Managers and staff, the Chief Executive Officer acts on the Council's decisions by developing and putting into practice the Council’s policies and resolutions.

Michelle Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for:

  • Legal Services
  • Internal Audit and Risk
  • Governance and Strategy
  • Corporate Communications

Allan Mason, General Manager, Infrastructure and Operations

Responsible for:

  • Operations 
  • Infrastructure and Assets
  • City Deal 

Kylie Johnson, General Manager, Community Development

Responsible for:

  • Customer Experience 
  • Community Services 
  • City Culture 
  • City Events 
  • Community Amenity and Safety

Dale Page, General Manager, Planning & Economic Development

Responsible for:

  • City Planning
  • Development Approvals
  • Transport and Urban Design
  • Economic Development
  • City Future

Melissa Murphy, General Manager, Corporate Services

Responsible for:

  • People and Culture 
  • ICT Services 
  • Financial Services 
  • Corporate Governance and Performance 
  • Information and Records Management 
  • Procurement
  • OSH

Steve Holden, General Manager, Commercial Services

Responsible for:

  • Parking Services
  • Commercial Properties
  • Facilities Maintenance