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Building certification services

The City of Perth provides building certification services in accordance with the provisions of the Building Act, which includes a one-stop-shop from building inception to completion and ensures all your associated approvals are in place to avoid any delays.

The City of Perth offers the following building certification services:

  • Initial consultation at design development stage on Building Code issues and advice on permit requirements.
  • In depth consultation with structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulics and fire services engineers, energy efficiency and access consultants and fire and emergency services at design development stage.
  • Discusses and agrees fire engineering design briefs and reports in liaison with DFES.
  • Prepares Certificates of Design Compliance (CDC) for the issue of building permits. 
  • Conducts periodic on-site inspections at critical stages of construction.
  • Conducts final inspections for Building Code compliance and testing of all active life safety systems in liaison with fire and emergency services.
  • Prepares Certificates of Construction Compliance (CCC) and Certificates of Building Compliance (CBC) for the issue of occupancy permits.

The City of Perth can always give preliminary advice and an overview of the building approval process, but when the City has been engaged to provide building certification services it can review a proposal in more detail and provide specific advice in relation the applicable building standards. Please see below for further information relating to building certification, associated fees and a request for cost estimates.